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Gadget reviews-A Japanese supercomputer, called “K”, currently occupies the first place on the list of the fastest of its kind fame the world, announces the online publication

The supercomputer, which is over only half built, has 672 racks war-horse with a total of 68,544 processors. The computer has an incredibly high power, obtaining Linpack the call performance of 8.162 petaflop/s, and the calculation efficiency is 93%.

K surpassed the void commander of the fastest device, 500 such pc’s worldwide, Tianhe-1A, in China, which now ranks second with 2.6 petaflop/s. last tread of the podium is occupied by Jaguar, a Cray supercomputer to the U.S. Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1.75 petaflop/s.

The Japanese “K” will have over 800 shelves when it will be ended leverage 2012. When the system will embody presto is estimated to have a petaflop computing comprehension of 10/s. The sign leave be used by teeming analyze companies supremacy many areas alike owing to climate research, meteorological, calamity prevention besides medicine.

On genesis of such systems in the world, Asians dominate the top 10. Thus, the 4th is Nebulae, the inland Supercomputing Center of the Chinese property Shenzhen, harbour a capacity of 1.27 petaflop/s again on the fifth view is Tsubame 2.0, owned by Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, with a competence of 1.19 petaflop/s.

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