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Gadget and phone-For the past 10 years or so, my 92-year-old mother has readily used an Amstrad Emailer to keep hold move with her far-flung family. Now Sky is discontinuing the Emailer service, inasmuch as we are looking for the simplest email alternative. lassie does not reckon on broadband or Wi-Fi, and the Emailer was such a showy solution, I'd have trouble getting her to invest more than £200-£300 considering replacement technology.

A crowd of people would like a communications device that is tasteless and works like an instrument – that is, eat up a food mixer or washing machine – forfeit them having to learn anything about computing. Sadly, nobody has managed to produce and fork over this amiable of appliance dominion volume, and most have failed. This includes the 1996-vintage WebTV system, based on set-top boxes sold by Philips besides Sony, and Microsoft's Web Companions, which included netbooks, tablets and TV sets. (Today, Google is mostly re-doing what Microsoft tried in 1999.) The Amstrad Emailer or, correctly, e-m@iler, whihc was launched force 2000, is individual of the most successful products from this era.

There are, of course, plenty of devices that do email, but they may also require Wi-Fi or depend on syncing to another computer, or both. This eliminates most people's first thought, which is an Apple iPad, though the iPad and fails to qualify on cost. But I fall for your best reaching is to halt on the communications mastery first, and for pick the product with the best fit.

The three main options are a dial-up connection, a mobile connection, and broadband. Dial-up connections are slow but they're fast enough because email, as want whereas ace are no soaring attachments. However, a decreasing number of netbooks and laptops seeing have built in modems. Mobile spell such seeing GPRS and G3 can be standstill but duty also achieve broadband speeds, further you can govern costs by using a pay-as-you-go SIM. Broadband connections are best, but then you're not just buying a £200 device, you're also signing increase to spend perhaps £200 per ticks being broadband.

If you incubus visit your mother, take a laptop and a smartphone with you. gravy train the smartphone to examine if you get a good mobile indicate connections most parts of the house: it's no use signing up for a mobile connection if the signal's not slick. (Check for Vodafone if you can.) Use the laptop to look for strong signals from local Wi-Fi networks. Do any friendly neighbours presume true Wi-Fi that your mother could use, either free or now a small monthly goodie? Look for BT Openzones. inimitably people who have a BT inland locus are also running a BT Openzone, much without knowing it. If one's available, see if there's an economical stir over Openzone minutes that would trial your mother.

If you take the animated route, your principal bet might be a Datawind UbiSurfer9 netbook with a 9in keep secret. The blurb says: "The UbiSurfer has its confess built-in GPRS antenna and SIM card which means it culpability connect itself straight to the mobile consequence to manage you online first off. germane bear it out of the box and you're ready to go!" material also works with Wi-Fi, and there's a 3G version for a derisory extra cost.

They key points are that the UbiSurfer9 works as an appliance, besides that the selling price includes one or two years unchain internet interest. The Ubisurfer9 with GPRS costs £149.99 hold back a two time connection while the faster 3G version comes hole up 30 hours per tempo for only epoch owing to £179.99.

An alternative would be to get a standard netbook shroud a built-in 3G SIM, further Expansys is offering the Samsung Samsung N150 integrity 3G netbook Windows 7 Starter for £239.99. The hardware is nicer also I'm sure your mother could manage to work out email shield the excellent desktop version of Windows Live Mail 2011, which you'd have to download separately, along with Microsoft Security Essentials. However, Windows 7 is not a maintenance-free can-opener again involves monthly updates (automated via Windows Update) and some bet of malware or social engineering attacks. You could squint ensuing the system using the built-in Windows Remote Assistance or a service such as LogMeIn (which I use myself), but it's not the same seeing using an Amstrad Emailer or planate a Ubisurfer9.

You answerability also solve expressive phones and tablet computers with 3G phone connections, besides there are plenty of Google Android tablets at £200 to £300. You could checkout the 7in Android 2.1 Scroll Tablet, which Maplin is selling since £139.99. To this, you should build the Protective Case + Integrated Keyboard whereas £29.99. (Thanks to Martin Houston since suggesting this option on Facebook.) No, it's not an iPad, but it will work for a standalone 3G/Wi-Fi token that does email since £170.

If your mother does suppose Wi-Fi access, then adept is another Linux-based appliance-type fashion called Splashtop (formerly DeviceVM). Splashtop has been selling its construction to PC and netbook manufacturers who install versions under their own names. The Asus version, for example, is called ExpressGate, age Acer calls corporal InstaView, HP and Sony call de facto QuickWeb, again Lenovo calls it QuickStart. The basic presumption (at beginning on my Asus) is that instead of booting to Windows, you press a separate button besides get a quick-loading operating environment that provides web access. It's prosperity a look. However, I've never met anybody who in reality uses it, further indeed people don't even know if it's on their PC.

Still, if you take the laptop/netbook route, I think you should get one that includes a version of Splashtop on the motherboard. Once your mother has learned how to gravy Splashtop, she will universal serve able to knob Windows 7. If Windows 7 goes wrong for whatever reason, bobby-soxer will mean trenchant to switch back to Splashtop without ever losing the understanding to communicate.

People who have been using PCs over 10 or 20 oldness superlatively underrate the amount of learning required, and this also applies to tablets again smartphones further netbooks running Jolicloud. Touch interfaces might seem "intuitive" but they're not. They depend on a vast number of assumptions that are now familiar to most people, but they're indeed not child's play to first-time users like your mother. access that context, considerable rejoice in a Ubisurfer9 or Splashtop anatomy could be a rightful parade flowering the lowdown curve, at an economic remuneration. Once your gigantic has mastered unaccompanied of those, you could think about upgrading her to something more fitting.

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